Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things are flowing smoothly and life is flying happily!

It took me very long time to feel very comfortable with my life! Everything seems to be very great to me now! She's here, just across the river! My future's there, just 1.30h fly! All of my friends are happy and all members of my family are healthy! What else do I need?

P/S: I will hang around with her this afternoon!
P/S: Yesterday was awesome!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today is a wonderful day!

Yeah, absolutely, because everybody knew that my gf came back home today! :)) And it's wonderful to see her face and her figure, to touch her hands and kiss her lips again after the fucking-long 3months! This time coming back home, she changed a little, sexier and more gorgeous! OMG, I'm definitely in love with her! :D

Met her at her place, I got a very strange feeling, Idk, nervous? not sure! Out of control? Nope! It's just a strange feeling! I didn't even hold her hand, just hugged her tight and feel her smell, and the first kiss wasn't great as I thought (but after the 1st, the others were very out of line! =]]) 1hr wasn't enough for us or it will never be enough for us to meet the other! We have so many 3months being away from each other forward and I can't imagine how much I miss her!

I love youuuu! :*


So, other things contributing to my wonderful day are:

  • The weekly breakfast on Sunday with THEM (the group of some abnormal people) haha... I always feel so great when being with them!
  • The new friends from USA and Canada, they are the amazing people living with passion and knowledge! I had a very interesting afternoon with them at the Van Thanh swimming pool! There was a guy who sold all his property and, then, traveled around the world more than 1000days, and he's still counting! :)) DJ Adam (just in case you know him). They make me know about life more and more and so more! I will obviously meet more people from over the world!
  • I love the presents from my Gf! 1st of all, her come-back-home trip! Then, 2 cookbooks! Next one is bodyspray! One more, the faithful bracelet! And the last one is the chocolate box and, interestingly, it must be eaten by 2 people! =))

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My life didn't start itself!

And now, it's starting! I just want to write something to let you guys who always care for me know about my plan!

I will go to Bangkok on Jan 12th, 2010 to study cooking at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, French cuisine and patisserie! About Le Cordon Bleu, it's exactly a dream school. From facility to faculty! And Thai people working in the tourism industry are very very professional! I think that's the reason why the tourism industry of Thailand is much more developing than Vietnam's. I arrived in the school at abt 12 am, their lunch time, but the whole office stayed until I finished my application and after that, the guy from Student service hung around to find a apartment for me, an international student!

After 6days away from Ho Chi Minh city, I felt that I missed it! And I don't want to stay in Bangkok for 18 months, I took a 9month-course! Will be back in Vietnam very soon!

Ahhhh, Noel is going to come into town! :X as well as my girl is coming back home! I got the feeling that this noel is gonna be a good noel!
@Emiu: Thanks for being with me those hard times! You are my very own beautiful mess! Cant wait to put my arms around you at the airport! :*