Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today is a wonderful day!

Yeah, absolutely, because everybody knew that my gf came back home today! :)) And it's wonderful to see her face and her figure, to touch her hands and kiss her lips again after the fucking-long 3months! This time coming back home, she changed a little, sexier and more gorgeous! OMG, I'm definitely in love with her! :D

Met her at her place, I got a very strange feeling, Idk, nervous? not sure! Out of control? Nope! It's just a strange feeling! I didn't even hold her hand, just hugged her tight and feel her smell, and the first kiss wasn't great as I thought (but after the 1st, the others were very out of line! =]]) 1hr wasn't enough for us or it will never be enough for us to meet the other! We have so many 3months being away from each other forward and I can't imagine how much I miss her!

I love youuuu! :*


So, other things contributing to my wonderful day are:

  • The weekly breakfast on Sunday with THEM (the group of some abnormal people) haha... I always feel so great when being with them!
  • The new friends from USA and Canada, they are the amazing people living with passion and knowledge! I had a very interesting afternoon with them at the Van Thanh swimming pool! There was a guy who sold all his property and, then, traveled around the world more than 1000days, and he's still counting! :)) DJ Adam (just in case you know him). They make me know about life more and more and so more! I will obviously meet more people from over the world!
  • I love the presents from my Gf! 1st of all, her come-back-home trip! Then, 2 cookbooks! Next one is bodyspray! One more, the faithful bracelet! And the last one is the chocolate box and, interestingly, it must be eaten by 2 people! =))


  1. Toàn, hearing about your wonderful day makes me feel so uplifting! :) I am truly truly glad for you dear! :X
    Yeah, kiss her and hug her for me too! I miss you both so much. Have a good time 2gether and work everything out. Take LOTS of photos to show me! ;))
    Last but not least, I absolutely love your writing in English. You're making me feel really positive right now! xx

  2. You know what HH? I realize that Out of the difficulties, makes miracle (Liệt Hỏa Hồng Tâm-TVB 2009)! =)) ;))
    Dont worry about photos, :)) you are the one who absolutely know her! She's the most-wanting-to-take-picture girl I've ever met! =)) [Maybe you and her at the same level... idk]
    My English is worse day by day! :)) That leads me to the cook position sooner! [According to Huong's professors, cooks are always bad at words!] =))
    Anyway, I love your comt so much HH ah! :D And thanks! We both always miss you and other guys! >:D<

  3. I told you so, but you didn't hear what I said! :P
    Luc gap cam giac la la, giong nhu tu nhien lau qua ko gap cai hoi ngai ngung, nguong nghiu 1 chut. :)) 1 vai giay, roi om nhau, hon nhau, cai moi thu lai nhu bthuong... like I said, I thought talking to you everyday would be enough, but not until last night did I realize how long I'd been away from you, and how much I'd missed it! :*

    Things will be great for you, don't you think so? Things are starting to be great for you already! You meet so many amazing people, who will open your mind. :) after every storm there's sunshine! (or something like that. :P)

    I love you I love you I love you! You have no idea how loved I feel these days. :* >:D<